I’m a Millennial Mom. Multi Mom-prenuer. Writer. Healer

Who’s fueled by life, love, purpose and passion. I infuse all things soulful, sacred and simply with Homemaking, Motherhood and Healing. It seems to be my expertise. Well because from the inside out, right? Literally !


means Life in Egyptian 📿
Servant ( African Origin ) 🔅
& Mother ( Arabic ) 🕊️

Exercising my life force on this planet
is truly a gift, i like to call my purpose.


Before becoming a full time Homemaker, I was somewhere in between a Hair Salon or a Wax Center, by day. By night, i indulged and immersed in Birth Work. As a Doula, Student Midwife, Childbirth Educator and Breastfeeding Counselor. Let’s just say supporting, walking with and witnessing women has always been my forte.

circle-cropped (1).png

During and after bearing/birthing life to my shaman baby King Be. My dreams, wishes, aspirations, longtime wantings and forgotten longings, i once barricaded were re-awoken. One of those, so happened to be, being a fulltime Homemaker.

Although many odds were against me, especially the lack of awareness in our society and among our families around Black Women choosing to thrive from home, our throne. Being, choosing and surrendering to my calling to be front and center at home is and has been such a sacred process and experience. One that i hold very near and dear to my heart. So i created a outlet called Black Women Homemake to shine the light on Black Women, Maidens, Moms or Moms to be, embracing their sacred callings, healing and shifting the stigma one day at a time because #BlackWomenHomemake.

It has also always been a longtime dream of mine to create my own natural products. Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood has shifted my perspective in so many ways. After giving birth, i knew there was something “off”. Although, I was’nt in the head space to exactly pin point it. Eventually i had the words for it. My sense of groundedness slowly turned into survival mode. Survival mode throws our brains and bodies out of balance. When you’re in survival mode you’re more susceptible to depression, anxiety, memory lost, extreme fatigue etc. Being in survival mode is not feeling fully secure or even safe. A lot of those signs can present to our world as “normal” postpartum things. We’re told as long as you don’t want to harm yourself or your baby you are fine. Holistically we go overlooked and unseen. While feeling off and unsure. As a Doula , Student Midwife, Childbirth Educator , Peer Breastfeeding Counselor. I was HIGHLY aware of the statistics for Black Mother’s and Babies.

“ According to the most recent government data- Black infants in America are more than twice as likely to die as white infants, Black women are 3 to 4x more likely from pregnancy related complications than white women. “

Let that sink in! As I kept pushing myself to continue the sacred work I was doing. Making sure black moms + families were also aware , educated and equipped to journey through barring life , giving birth and nurturing these tiny humans. I started to realize I was in survival mode. I was riding that wave our society , our families, our friends have unconsciously taught us to ride and not rest. The you MUST seize your career before someone else does. Wave. The what do you mean you want to be a Stay At home mom , be your sons primary caregiver, build a legacy and homeschool. How will your son gain communication skills? LOL
I was being held back by beliefs tied to friends , family + family loyalty, expectations, and all the work I took on. EXHAUSTING ...All things that were not serving my highest good. So for 3 whole months I checked all the way out and took a Mental Health break. The universe got rid of my phone and MOST well just about ALL of the people plugged into it. Through this stillness i found ever lasting solitude, solitude that reminds me DAILY the importance of being AVAILABLE for my personal healing
& you yours
You need you

Through this i gave birth to

Be Rooted WellnessCall me your Wellness, Well- Being plug with skin + soul care guide and goodies reminding you to stay grounded rooted and planted. It is focused around awareness of our energetic systems, specifically of our Root Chakra. The foundation, root and portal to our very existence. If it is blocked or off balanced then, as are we, and it reflects into our reality. Now or in the long run.

From mama earth to the root of your soul. This grounding body butter is the first of many grounding and rooting products. It is made with love and fueled with intention. Every batch is whipped and blessed underneath a full moon. Every ingredient is chosen with purpose and understanding of their multifaceted uses.


“Our experience is valid because we belong here, we agreed to it. The beauty in transmuting energy and tapping into what makes you unique because your truth is just that
Y o u r s
This platform isn’t just for me
It’s a sacred space for you & me to s p e a k our life’s