Amber Beads Heal More Then Teething

Amber Necklace


Do any of you maidens or mamas use amber beads?

Baltic Amber is known for having high levels of succinic acid. Succinic acid is found in many vitamin supplements , heart medicine and topical creams for arthritis. It is also

✨ anti-inflammatory

✨immune boosting


and calming + soothing!

For all my mamas out there y’all know this is the teething P L U G !

“when placed on baby baltic amber warms up causing it to release oils that contain succinic acid. The acid, in turn, gets absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream”

Not only is it extremely affective for teething, amber is not only a natural purifier , it draws out pain, dis-ease from our physical body as well as mind + spirit.

It absorbs negative or stagnant energies and transform them into clear, positive energy. Which stimulates our body’s own mechanisms to heal itself.

Yes... you heard me right

to HEAL itself

As we heal ourselves and raise our

tiny humans. It’s so important to ensure the energy we’re clearing out doesn’t rest, stay or stick with them.

On my todo list

• order my OWN amber necklace

so I’m not sneaking Kings 😂

🤫🤫 don’t tell him

This particular Amber Necklace is from where they have a amazing variety and selection to choose from.

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